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License / DMV Hearings

Absolutely nothing can be more stressful, harmful and unending as a fight with DMV over a suspension or revocation of your Driver License.  Sometimes it is your fault.  A lot of time it is NOT your fault.  Did you fail to pay off something as simple as a seatbelt ticket and now your license is revoked.  Or did someone somehow convince an officer that he or she was you and that person’s speeding ticket was entered in your name and driver license number?  Did your sister, who looks just like you and lives at the same address,  not pay her ticket and DMV got their wires crossed and now your license is suspended, but you did not find out until you went through a license check and now you are being arrested for driving revoked?  Sometimes it takes working with a DMV hearing officer informally, or sometimes even having a hearing, to get these matters worked out and your rightful license restored.  Mr. Alexander can help you.

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