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Traffic Tickets

As you probably already know, if you plead guilty or are found guilty of some traffic violations, you will receive insurance points causing your insurance premiums to increase significantly for 3 years….sometimes as much as an 80% increase or more for 3 years!! Even some minor traffic offenses will cause this. How much exactly?  See our Cost of a Ticket calculator.

CAUTION:  DO NOT sign the back of a ticket and send it to the clerk of court.  Doing so has the same effect as standing in front of a judge and pleading guilty!!  

Traffic violations are usually not the most serious offenses in the world, but because of the potential financial and license consequences, you should hire a traffic ticket attorney.  In fact, you really should hire The Law Offices of John W. Alexander, PLLC traffic ticket defense team.  His legal practice of 34 years is committed to defending people who are charged with a speeding ticket and similar  offenses.  He knows North Carolina law and the system.  As a traffic ticket lawyer, he knows what needs to be done in a case like yours to help PREVENT:

       Your car insurance rates from increasing
       Your driver license from being suspended
       Your driving record from causing you problems


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